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Make everyone happy with this authentic Puebla recipe that’s full of great Mexican flavors! Dip fried tortillas in a delicious cooked sauce of garlic, serrano peppers, tomatillos and chicken bouillon, then wrap around shredded chicken and serve topped with lettuce, cotija cheese and crema fresca.

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  1. wow super easy and yummy this is awesome will do it again and again and again..but always make sure tomatillos are not sour before making it or else the sauce will be bitter or sour.

  2. Absolutely tragic that you consider these to be anywhere near to a true Enchiladas Verdes recipe. The sauce is way too watery. The flavor of this has to be a fucking joke. Hideous rendition. You should feel ashamed to make/eat this travesty to a Mexican classic.
    You also don't need to deep fry the tortillas prior to rolling. They only need to be softened by way of dredging them in warm oil, or sauce prior to rolling. This total execution is a FAIL!

  3. As a Mexican chef why do you white folk always put lettuce on all Mexican food? You could have easily added some cheese too major part of real enchiladas but nooo you added lettuce???

  4. There is nothing in the enchilada but plain chicken. Yuck. Some onion, cheese………………..anything. Too much water too.

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