Hunting And Cooking With Mike Robinson: Hunting Muntjac Deer with the Isuzu D-Max Huntsman

Mike Robinson goes in search of a wild muntjac deer, a key ingredient for his delicious venison meat ball recipe.

Its April in Berkshire, spring is in full swing, and its a perfect day for stalking some Muntjac Deer for a future recipe. Its been a cold spring, but the sun thats been enjoyed has inspired Mike to cook a satisfying summer dish with the very best venison sourced from a picturesque woodland in the beautiful English countryside, the perfect habitat for Muntjac.

Mike describes his surroundings and gives his best tips in finding Muntjac. Unfortunately, the morning stalk didn’t go to well. So Mike decided to leave the woodland to rest and return later in the day.

Watch to see him take a fantastic shot and get his prize, a stunning two year old deer, which is a good size for his Muntjac Meatballs, which feature in the next video.

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How To Cook Deer Loin – Best Venison Marinade – Voted #1 Best Backstrap Marinade By Hunters –

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#RecipesForKids: Cooking deer pancakes for Christmas! Kids party food video for children

New #RecipesForKids in the educational video for children! Today we are cooking pancakes for Christmas with straberries and bacon and put them together to get the image of Santa’s deer! Best food recipe ever, watch our video for kids & learn how to do such funny food! Till the next time on #FamilyTime!

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Skinning and Boning Out a Deer – How to backpack out an animal from the field

Knowing how to de-bone and pack an animal out of the woods is an essential skill for the ethical hunter. Most hunters stay close to roads so they can retrieve game more easily. Once you are confident in boning out and packing out a game animal, then you can expand the areas where you can hunt.

An average pack load is about 80 pounds. A deer would be one load, and an elk is about five loads. It is always best to hunt uphill so you can pack your game down to the truck.

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Alias Cinema filmed this hunt.

Please enjoy!

Deer Stew on a drizzly day in the Woods

It was a wet day in the forest and we had to process a lot of wood to sustain a healthy cooking fire. I forgot a 2qt pot for the stew but a special guest came through in the end. After that, we cooked up a venison stew that warmed our bellies and left viewers drooling for some. Thanks again Malcolm & Mitch.