3 First Class Sandwich Fillings To Make Lunch Great Again

Tuna mayo, egg mayo and the ploughman’s. These are the greatest sandwich fillers of all time and we add a twist to each to make them even better.

Tuna Mayo Recipe: http://bit.ly/TunaMayoSandwich
Ploughman’s Recipe: http://bit.ly/PloughmansSandwich
Egg Mayo Recipe: http://bit.ly/EggMayoSandwich

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  1. The last time i watched Sorted, these 3 boys were not really good at cooking. They mostly just followed Ben's instruction LOL. Slowly, they learn how to cook over the years and i am so happy to see them being able to make up new stuff or be more creative
    <3 Seems like Ben's chef-ness rub off on those 3 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. "now for our little gem" Jamie are you trying to be clever with the gem lettuce because that was such a . . . FANTASTIC JOKE I LOVE TERRIBLE PUNS GOOD JOB MATE

  3. Tuna salad and egg salad (really any mayo-based filling) are by far my least favorite foods of all time. That ham & cheese looks good though.

  4. My dinner: Cobblestone wheat bread toasted, sharp cheddar on one side, Branston pickle on the other. Om nom, great in hot weather! Pickle surprise!

  5. My boyfriends ultimate bap/sandwich combo (in his opinion) is chicken or coronation chicken with turkey, tuna, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, mayo, tabasco sauce and jam. Sometimes he may leave one out but not often.

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